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Jul 19, 2019

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome — a hormonal condition rendering her prediabetic and making it difficult to conceive, Charlene DiPaola hit a wall. Dissatisfied with her career in digital marketing, DiPaola knew she needed to pivot — both in her career and lifestyle. 

The answer for DiPaola laid in the joy of dance, so she created Hip Shake Fitness: an online, on-demand dance studio with workouts tailored to your taste and fitness level.

Whether your thang is Tone N Twerk, KPop Dance Party, or Burlesque Burn — you will find hundreds of dance routines. Find out how she morphed from marketer to dancer extraordinaire, inspiring women to take charge of their health through customized dance fitness. 

 Sign up now for a 60-day free trial using code: sheventures.