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Jun 26, 2020

At the age of 6, Ngozi Okaro knew she was going to be a lawyer and change people’s lives.


Growing up, Okaro’s clothes were mostly handmade by her mother to accommodate her towering 6-foot-tall figure. While she resented it at the time, it instilled an appreciation for design and inclusivity within her.


Jun 19, 2020

For 25 years as a writer and editor for large magazines like Suede, Essence, and Latina to name a few, Marcia Cole embraced the editorial realm and conquered it.


Now, as founder and CEO of Ivy Digital (a content, technology, and data-driven marketing agency) and as the founder of nonprofit organization

Jun 12, 2020

From a young age, Kaitlin Maier’s parents were huge advocates for her pursuing a career in STEM, which still sees female participation at a paltry 28 percent of the workforce

A mechanical engineer, Maier wanted to do something in the often-overlooked field of women’s health. While in college, she stumbled upon...

Jun 5, 2020

Advocacy runs in this woman’s blood. As the current director of advocacy and action for the National LGBTQ Task Force, Stacey Long Simmons has dedicated her life to helping others. 

The LQBTQ task force website reflects the current state of affairs in America. The homepage reads: “Stonewall was a riot....