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Nov 22, 2019

The U.S. cannabis industry is on fire — last year it grew to $11.3B. Genifer Murray has played a key role in the weed world since cannabis was legalized in Colorado, and now boasts more than nine years of experience in the business. She is also a staunch advocate for women in the hemp and cannabis industries.


Nov 22, 2019

A pioneer in her field who started in her early 20s, Nicole Dahlstrom is leveling the playing field for female-health related startups across the U.S. and beyond. 


Dahlstrom is the founder of FemTech Collective, a 500 female-founder strong network that connects innovators in female-focused health tech through...

Nov 8, 2019

These two women hope to change the stigma at-home caregivers routinely face through their app and platform.

Lifelong friends Aileen Kelly and Felicia Kashevaroff were able to stay home after their children were born. Like many stay-at-home caregivers, they felt their work was invisible, undervalued,...

Nov 1, 2019

New York is the backdrop of Daniella Stromberg’s tale, pushing her toward peace in a chaotic world. She saw beauty in the streets, admired the elegance of prostitutes and transvestites, seen through the eyes of a young girl through the window shades of her mother’s Greenwich Village studio apartment. Stromberg...