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Nov 8, 2019

These two women hope to change the stigma at-home caregivers routinely face through their app and platform.

Lifelong friends Aileen Kelly and Felicia Kashevaroff were able to stay home after their children were born. Like many stay-at-home caregivers, they felt their work was invisible, undervalued, and unappreciated. 

Kelly and Kashevaroff created Persistiny, a web platform to address the inherent inequality of at-home caregivers. Check out the hundreds of articles encouraging women to speak about their experiences with other women and their partners. 

The duo then created an app: Tend is a task manager and journal. Its purpose? To promote self-care, acceptance, and an open and honest dialogue around caregiving. Kelly and Kashevaroff hope that journaling will enable caregivers to realize just how much they do. The women also hope to use the data from the app to understand user pain points even better.